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The Many Faces of Anxiety And How To Tackle Effectively With Lorazepam!

Anxiety is one of the most common reflexes faced by every human on the face of the earth. However, anxiety is not categorized as a health condition if it does not inhibit your daily chores and affects your performance at work and exams. In addition, Anxiety is one of the most treatable conditions. Before we jump to understand anxiety and how to keep your mind and body in sync here are some facts about anxiety.

Some Facts About Anxiety:

  • 40 Million American Adults have an anxiety disorder
  • Women are prone two times more to anxiety disorders in comparison to men
  • Only 35% of affected people seek treatment
  • Anxiety is the body’s response towards fear apprehension, and it is needless to mention that anxiety helps perform better. On the other hand, if anxiety overtly affects your performance negatively, it is termed as Disorder.

When anxiety affects your routine, it is a common health condition, and early treatment can help you manage the situation in the best way possible.

With so many medications and pills available over the counter, it is essential to understand the root cause of the medicine, as this will undoubtedly help you manage the anxiety in the best way possible.

Anxiety is the body’s natural response towards any fear, apprehension, and uneasiness – common symptoms of anxiety that people often face without understanding the cause, and they suffer silently.
In addition, people with anxiety disorders have an irrational fear that is unmanageable and interferes with their life.

Cause of The Anxiety!

  • Heart disease
  • Drug misuse and abuse
  • Chronic pain and Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Rare tumors(that induces flight and fright hormones Adrenaline)

As stated earlier, anxiety is a body’s natural response, and the cause of the anxiety is not fully understood. However, specific medical reasons and some medications may seed anxiety and irrational fear.

Common Symptoms of Anxiety

Here we bring you common symptoms of anxiety that will help you discern at the nascent stage and seek treatment at the right time.

  • Feeling nervous
  • Fear of impending doom
  • Having an increased heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Hyperventilation (rapid heart rate)
  • Escaping things to avoid anxiety (elements that trigger anxiety)
  • Gastrointestinal worry (GI) problem

Different Types of Anxiety

  • Different types of anxiety as per (DSM 5 anxiety disorders)
  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Obsessive-compulsive Disorders( OCD)
  • Phobia
  • Social anxiety and panic attack

The etiology and symptoms of the disease are quite the same, but the intensity and symptoms of the disease will vary. Understanding the etiology of the disease will help carve the road map towards recovery.

How To Manage Anxiety?

Many other options will help you take up things in the best way, and this is why it is essential to know about the process in the best way possible to get rid of the anxiety.
One must look for a holistic treatment to help you manage and fight the battle to the fullest.

Mediation, psychotherapy (CBT), medication, and as per experts combination of Modalities help manage anxiety depending upon the nature and etiology of the anxiety and its type. Different types of medication are available to control anxiety disorder.

Here we will delve into one drug Lorazepam ( Ativan), an effective and quick-acting prescription that will instantly help manage anxiety. Its fast action formulation helps manage anxiety, and it has a long-lasting effect that helps you stay calm and composed.

It belongs to the group of benzodiazepines that activates the GABA. Thereby, it reduces the electrical hyperactivity in the brain and induces a calming effect on the body.

People witness rapid improvement as it subsides troublesome symptoms of anxiety and the effect of Lorazepam is visible within a few hours after taking the first dose.

Lorazepam is an FDA-approved medication recommended for short-term use as long-term use may result in addiction and increase the risk of substance abuse and misuse. The risk of addiction is feeble when used for a short duration. It is available in different forms, and you can buy Lorazepam online.

  • Tablet
  • Rectal Gel
  • IV/IM
  • Nasal Sprays

The Tablet of Lorazepam Comes In Different Strength And Are As Follows:

The dose of Lorazepam varies as it typically depends on the condition that requires treatment. In addition, for anxiety, 1mg to 4mg in a day, and your health care practitioner will determine the accurate dose and its frequency. If you missed the dose, take it as soon as possible; however, do not club the amount. Take a single dose.

Some Points To Remember When Taking Lorazepam

Lorazepam may induce some mild to moderate side effects. However, these side effects will wash away in a few days, and if any of the symptoms worsen become unmanageable, ask your health care personnel how to cope with it. Common side effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of Energy
  • Change In Appetite
  • Dry Mouth
  • Weakness

If you experience any bizarre and unpleasant changes, seek immediate medical attention.

Is It Safe For Everyone?

Lorazepam is safe to use, and the FDA approves it; however, there are certain health conditions wherein

  • It may aggravate the condition and can be lethal.
  • If you ever had an allergic reaction to Lorazepam or any other drug that belongs to the same clan.
  • If you have liver and kidney disease
  • If you have an obstructive sleep disorder ( sleep apnea)
  • If you have wide-angle glaucoma
  • If if you are diagnosed with arteriosclerosis ( narrowing of arteries)
  • If you are pregnant OR doing family planning for the same
  • If you have breathing issues and chest related issues

What To Do If You Are Overpowered By Anxiety?

  • Reach out to your health care practitioner.
  • Speak your heart out to your health care practitioner OR a family member
  • Book an appointment with a mental health care professional, and he will prescribe medication (if required)
  • Join self-help groups or consider joining a support group where you can share your problem and achievement with others
  • Look for mindfulness – meditation that will help effectively manage stress and help relieve anxiety symptoms.


Anxiety is one of the most treatable conditions, provided you choose the right path that will help you to combat symptoms of anxiety-like a pro. Managing anxiety requires a holistic approach, and as a result, it will help you take up things in the best way possible. Making changes in the lifestyle helps manage anxiety and stress and medication like benzodiazepines and Lorazepam. Healthy practices will help you manage anxiety disorders and panic disorders.

Understanding the irrational fear, anxiety, and worry that affects your life, whether professional or personal, may refer to anxiety disorder. Although it can be of varying degrees and intensity, the crux is to look for the early treatment available so that you can knock it off from the shoulders.

If the anxiety is due to some physical stressors, then try to remove the stressors as this will help you cope with the anxiety and stress productively.

If something is triggering, talk about it with your friends and family, as this will undoubtedly help you streamline and take the action required to beat the anxiety blues.